Heritage Home Walking Tour

The City of Pacific Grove had a very unique origin. It began as a Methodist Christian Seaside Retreat in 1875. It was conceived as a place to worship in a quiet and natural environment. Sections of the City were subdivided into 30′ x 60′ lots to be used as tent sites for seasonal (summertime) visitors. Gradually, permanent tent frames were constructed and eventually many frames were converted to year-round single wall structures.

A few people began staying in the campground over the winter and built the first homes, usually modest board and batten structures. With this, a handful of shops were soon constructed for these new residents.

Pacific Grove was incorporated in 1889 and over the next few decades many other neighborhoods were added to the original retreat and the Victorian homes that came to define Pacific Grove’s residential character were built.

This walking tour highlights a fairly wide variety of housing styles, from the original tent cabins to grand structures on the National Historic Register. The walk takes place all within the boundaries of the Retreat and offers the walker ample opportunity to view Monterey Bay and to stop for refreshments along the way.